What is ChordsVault ?
  1. General
    ChordsVault is a portal for creating, designing and sharing guitar (and other instruments) chords and songs.
    ChordsVault is easy to use but provides great flexibility for songs transcribers and song readers / performers.
    Unlike many other sites, ChordsVault lets you design chords on the fly, reuse chords between songs, share songs and chords,
    and transpose songs to different keys, tunings and instruments.
  2. Instruments, songs and chords
    ChordsVault lets you transcribe songs for almost any string - fretted instruments (guitars, banjos, ukelele, mandolin, sitar, etc).
    ChordsVault comes with large free collection of ready to use chords, custom chords may be designed on the fly if needed.
    ChordVault lets you transcribe songs in almost no time by just drag-dropping standard or custom chords directly into the lyrics pane.
  3. Social network
    ChordsVault lets you publish transcribed songs and chords and / or share them with a particular audience.
    Public songs automatically become visible and searchable.
    Personal songs stay personal or may be shared with the individual users.